Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi!! :)

Hi guys:)
This is Claudia and
I'm back with the Kimchigirls!
But I'm alone this time since it was really hard to record together
when Hyewon and I are in different regions.
So this is the new blog where I'll post up new lessons :)
But I need your help!!
The problem is that I need ideas for new lessons:)
So could you help me and email with topics
you would like to learn or songs you would like to be translated or
just about anything!!
Thank you!!


  1. Nice! i've been really hoping you guys continue the podcast. I wanna learn korean but i'm a lazy person, so Kimchigirls really helped me :) i could just listen to my ipod rather than reading books and stuff ><

    oh and it's just sad hyewon wont be with you in the podcast anymore.

    anyw, i'm looking forward for the lessons :)

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  3. I can't download the podcasts on itunes for some reason. It keeps saying error.

    1. I just bought a copy of your book too and I can't seem to find the podcasts on iTunes either

  4. the url is not working and i can;t find any place to download the lessons. i just bought the book a week ago.